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The Blends, Nikki Hendricks's SS18 collection which was featured in New York and Paris Fashion Week SS18 under the Oxford Fashion Studio and in Milan Fashion Week through Mad Mood Milano.
It was a year long project in which I interviewed 16 models about their cultural background and asked what symbols best represented their identity. I then used those symbols to create a fabric that included them, did not dilute them, but abstracted them for the viewer. Only the model would understand what the cloth meant which therefore gives them representation and confidence.

La Marine de L'Oshun SS17


La Marine D’Oshun (Navy of the Oshun)  was inspired by the Yoruba Orisha or deity of love and beauty named Oshun. She reigns from fresh and sweet waters.  She is known for healing the sick and bringing fertility and prosperity. In Yoruba religion, it is believed that when the spirit of the Oshun possess you, she brings confidence, joy, exuberance, and love. Her possessions are also said to band together fight injustices against humanity.

In combination with Nikki’s interest in the Afro-Futurism genre, her line seeks to explore what she would imagine as the physical manifestation of the Oshun’s navy, the Orisha of water, would look like. She is using the aesthetic of armor to reinforce each soldier's sense of beauty and strength that exists on an ethereal level.