Fight for a Cause

In an effort to support the on-going Black Lives Matter movement, Hendricks Designs will donate 25% of these masks proceeds to organizations dedicated to creating resources for underserved Black and Black LGBTQ+ people and communities. We will alternate which organization we donate to each month in order ensure we can have a greater reach of people to help.
To learn more about how you can help, here are some resources where you can donate or help individually:

Donate to the Louisville Community Bail Fund

Protestors in Louisville, Kentucky—the city where Taylor was murdered—have been on the streets taking action and fighting for Taylor. And many of them have been arrested for it. Make a donation to their bail fund so they can continue to go out and protest.

Donate to The Loveland Foundation

Established in 2018 by writer and lecturer Rachel Cargle, The Loveland Foundation offers therapy to Black women and girls specifically. Cargle founded the foundation after raising more than $250,000 (!!). You can make a donation to this foundation in Taylor’s name and help the Black community—especially Black women and girls—get access to different kinds of healing, support, and therapy.

Make some phone calls

Take advantage of public info like phone numbers and contact the people who can make sure Taylor’s case is given proper attention.

Here are some numbers to get you started:

Police Public Integrity Unit: 502-574-2136
Louisville Metro Council: 502-574-3902
Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer: 502-574-2003
Kentucky District Attorney Tom Wine: 502-595-2300
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul: 202-224-4343
Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear: 502-564-2611
Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron: 502-696-5300

    Donate to the Center for Black Equity located in  Washington DC:

    Center for Black Equity in DC.