Brand Story

Nikki Hendricks is a D.C. based garment designer who incorporates bold patterns and eclectic materials in her designs. With a background in fine arts, she works conceptually when creating themes for her lines. Nikki draws inspiration from the futurism genre and emphasizes underlying content about race, religion, gender and sexuality. Different cultures and identities are consistent within her collections, in order to create a universal awareness about important customs. Her brand, Nikki Hendricks Designs, includes looks that are gender neutral, masculine and feminine. She recently participated in New York, Paris, and Milan Fashion Week shows, and is currently developing her brand through the Macy's Incubator under the DC Fashion Foundation. Hendricks Designs was founded by Nikki Hendricks at   the age of 23. She was born and raised in Washington,   DC, a city known for its politics and internationally   diverse population, as well as for being the capital of   the United States. Her experiences while in attendance at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in   Baltimore, Maryland that first formed  her career. She   was heavily involved in the Office of Diversity where   she planned events for people of other races and   minorities of all kinds. She created her first line her   junior year called “La Marine de L’Oshun”, which   translates to “The Navy of the Oshun”. Oshun is the deity or goddess of the Yoruba religion and is known for her affiliation with water, fertility, happiness, and self-confidence. These themes really resonated with  Nikki, and inspired her to create a line based on a futuristic vision of how these themes could be manifested in fashion..

This line helped to launch  her career as she premiered her collection in DC Fashion Week. Later that year, she created a new line for her senior thesis called “The Blends,”  with a theme of inclusivity during a time of great division around the world. She interviewed 20 models with different racial, gender, and religious backgrounds and sexual orientations  about their cultural identities only to realize the similarities in their collective identity of being American. She also asked what symbols they felt best represented them and designed a print to use on fabric including but slightly obscuring each one. Those interviewed chose the feminist symbol, the Black power fist, or a diamond for resilience. Nikki felt that if the model or wearer could relate personally to the garment, it would not only bring them confidence, but also make the clothing feel more special and less objectified.

After graduating from MICA in 2017, Nikki founded her company Nikki Hendricks Designs LLC and presented her “Blends” collection  in New York, Paris, and Milan fashion weeks. She started her residency with the DC Fashion Foundation Incubator at Macy’s located in D.C. where her studio is currently located. Her work has been featured in British Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, Cosmopolitan Romania and Flawless magazines. She recently debuted her fourth collection, “Half & Half”, in July 2018 at Feeric Fashion Week in Sibiu, Romania. She will also be showing this line at London Fashion Week in September 2018.


Hendricks designs is a brand created for free spirited, creative, and confident people. Her colorful aesthetic, eccentric style, and love of unconventional materials seeks to attract the little kid in all of us. Nikki is always thinking about the future of fashion and how changing beliefs and globalization can lead to more diverse styles, tastes, and use of materials.

Her newest campaign #HumansinHD or “Humans in HD” a double entendre for Hendricks Designs and High Definition. “What does it mean to be high definition when it comes to your clothing –while wearing Hendricks Designs? This brand encourages individuals to celebrate their true selves by creating styles that encourage free expression across all gender spectrums.